adam rindy

instant photos

We are all familiar with polaroids: its something that changed the face of photography and has an imminent sense of nostalgia associated with each frame. This combined with gorgeous young ladies turns into delicious eye-candy.
We chose the polaroids, but make sure not to miss out on all of Adam`s work. He is specialized on fashion photography but still,  in each frame the strong atmosphere created is greater than the importance of clothes. As they say, “attitude is everything!”.


questionable questionnaire

If you had a choice to decide, how would an alien look like?

Well, I don’t know why I would have the choice in what an alien looks like, but if I had to decide they would all obviously look like gorgeous women that can shape shift into other beautiful women  every few days or so.

Who is the most important person on Earth?

I would have to go with my mom. She’ a pretty special lady.

Where would you like to wake up tomorrow?

If I could wake up anywhere tomorrow it would probably be on some fancy private beach near Thailand.





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