hg alex

his work is going to torment you

but in a good way. actually two good ways: it is aesthetically appealing and at the same time it raises some questions. in the given case, the questions are stirred on the topic of identity and expectations and the answers are given through collages or the detail of context.


questionable questionnaire

What`s your dream job? 

I haven’t really thought about a dream job until now, but I think I would be a good/great screenwriter for an animated sitcom. Also, taking pictures for the National Geographic on social issues sounds very appealing to me.

Favorite breakfast?

My favourite breakfast is a “vegetable-get-together” omelette, which I prepare using slices of tomatoes, cucumbers and green bell peppers.

 If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

Superpower, hmm…I guess teleportation would mean a great deal of fun for me.



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