billy plummer

we have a thing for black and white

and portraiture and when that happens, you desperately look for images/faces that you have never seen before. You look for something that makes you stop and drop that jaw that has been smirking all the time. And then, you see Billy Plummer`s flickr stream and do just that. What I found particularly impressive about his work is that his approach to animal photography is the same as the portraiture he does, and so, a connection between the subjects becomes almost tangible.

questionable questionnaire

 If you could ask everyone on the planet one question, what would that be?

Give me one cent?

What was the most humbling experience you ever had?

The most humbling experience that comes to mind is being shown hospitality and being fed by strangers who live in real poverty. This has happened to me so many times when I’ve been traveling I can’t really pick out a specific occasion. It really makes me wonder if I’d do the same, be as unselfish in their situation.

What would you do if the world ran out of chocolate?

It really wouldn’t bother me. So I guess I’d do nothing.


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  1. Billy Plummer says:

    Hey thanks for including me.

  2. Billy Plummer says:

    Thanks for including me.

  3. Alex Timpau says:

    our pleasure!

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