carlos carmonamedina

prepare yourself

for entering the eyes of a person who can juggle between different subjects, viagra sale places, moments with the skill of a magician.

I found Carlos`s work to be one in continuous change, always evolving and reflecting  his nomad character and playfulness very well. Involved in everything from land art in Slovakia to the Venice Architecture Bienalle, Carlos leaves his creative prints all over the world and documents the entire process along the way.


questionable questionnaire

Where would you like to be right now? 

Swimming on the rocky beaches of Croatia, drinking tea on a dirty street on Istanbul, dancing with a Russian girl in Yekaterinburg, street fighting in Cuzco, riding a bicycle on El Cairo. Why bother to pick only one place?


Who is the most important person on Earth?

Chuck Norris, duh!


Tell us how kisses taste like…

I almost forgot how they taste like! I kind of remember a mix of sorrow and cinnamon, yet the better ones taste like Budapest.








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