christopher dinottia



chris is a traveler 

and from his travels he brings us images of nature depicted as a cathedral. The frozen tension in his images transcends its medium and makes us fell small, defenseless and somehow happy to be at the merciful hand of nature.  Along with the natural colors and delicate composition, his photos bring  an honest insight into landscapes that many of us will never see.


questionable questionnaire 

What is your favorite dessert?

Ice cream is the only civilized desert.


 If you could have your own country, what would be its flag?

Your question about a flag prompted me to take a look at existing flags of the world. So many great designs! I’ve always enjoyed the flag of Brazil, but others I’ve seen that I liked are Antarctica, Micronesia, Kazakstan, Aruba, there are so many cool, simple designs.
I’m not much for words to describe, so I attached the flag of my country, Widdershins Confederate.
What was your first lie?
First lies are always the easiest lies. Probably something like “…of course I know what I’m doing.”




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