claire burelli

“For the Éclat project, pill I decided to experiment in a formalized way the themes that I hold dear. One may notice a wink to my career as graphic designer that I put aside for the last two years.

The eye is mistaken at first by the apparent simplicity of the pictures. One recognizes shapes, edifices, places… And then details abound and, slowly, one gets lost in repetitions. The craftiness shows up. The pattern of repetitions guide the vision and unnoticed details bubble up, way more than at first sight. “

a surprise to the eye

Claire`s project tells us about the real way in which we perceive cities and their buildings: in phases, in sequences, never all their faces and always discovering something new after each step.  These recomposed images are almost like a cubist painting, showing us pieces of our reality and trying to re-arrange them in some kind of order. Her work is fantastic, and not only the series we are presenting here, but also  her “alter ego” and her film work.

questionable questionnaire   

What frightens you the most?

The next zombie attack but I am starting to train myself for it.

If you could eat only one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

A raspberry pie, with a LOT of raspberries.

What do kisses taste like?

It has a million tastes! All in between the taste before you brush your teeth and after you eat the best chocolate cake ever!

alter ego



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