juan margolles


Casinos is a small village 38 km from the city of Valencia, pharm Spain. There, mind the typical handmade nougat and almonds have been marketed over decades on the main road, which goes through the village. Probably “no one” went to Casinos, but all of us went through it. Nowadays, there is a modern and secure road that bypasses the town and eases the access to planned industrial and residential areas. These images document the beginning of the urbanization process in one of these future industrial areas near Casinos. This project reflects how changes in the landscape can influence the collective imagination by altering our memories. Juan Margolles


juan lays the problems

of our urban areas on the table and makes them very difficult for us to ignore. Contrasts between the interior and exterior, empty patches within the city or just our nativity about the future materialized in empty roads leading nowhere are pointed out and analyzed thoroughly. Almost like a patient parent confronting his child with the obvious proof of lie, Juan is waiting for us to take appropriate measures,  but until then, he will keep gathering proof. A beautiful and skillfully composed proof.


questionable questionnaire


Where would you choose to live, if it could be anywhere( other planets included)?

I’m not interested in other planets for the moment, maybe in the future. I think that I would choose the forest to live.


When was the last time you saw a starry sky?

The last time that I saw a starry sky was in Mar del Plata, Argentina in last December. A nice summer night!


What would be your superpower if you were a superhero?

jejeje, maybe I could throw lightning bolts that transform the politicians into people.




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