mohd azlan


“+ rebirth . unwanted . unseen +”

That is the title of one of his photographs. His photos stood out to me  the way they were presented to the viewers, order with their very bold titles . They are dramatic photographs. One thing that strikes you right away is the fact that many of his photographs have faceless subjects or have been deprived of faces. Check out his flickr to see his other works.


questionable questionnaire

When it rains, ed does it pour? (explain with an example)

The proper study of mankind is books. And yes, ailment when it rains, it pours. God sent those to us so that we all can taste it and then hand the knowledge down. It is not about volume, it is how we appreciate it. How we feel grateful about it and how we want to share it with others. Well … it is raining out there .


If you had a choice to decide, how would an alien look like?


I have not seeing any aliens before and I do not have any idea(s) of those alien’s form and shape, rather than what have been characterized by those who have seen it . But I do have my personal belief that any form of misinterpreting others could led to alienating our self . We don’t need an alien to know which way the wind blows .


What was your first lie?


The day that I was telling myself that I am gonna be a doctor , that was my first lie .



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