alex          :  what? I can’t hear you
saneesh :  magazine…bookazine! our Magazine!

beautiful losses! (Krásný ztráty); that day, in  the pub which sells the best ginger tea in Prague (a city famous for beer!) we made the decision to start Svar. Something we always wanted to do,that would help emerging artists and make the world a bit better. We strongly support the print media, we decided that it won’t be just an online magazine and that we want Svar printed.

“Svar” has evolved since then and has taken shape  through our endless efforts, to what you see now. We are still facing many challenges to bring this together, but we will not stop until it`s done!

Alex is Romanian and Saneesh comes from India, but we are based in Prague, Czech Republic and travel a lot to our home counties.

Feel free to get in touch with us!













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