viorel popescu

he experiments all the time

so, as a consequence all his stream is a collection of  all he sees day and night, but with a twist. Through his eyes you will see a mainly black and white view of London, filled with dark silhouettes that carve shadows on the lens. There will be colorful people and loud metro stations, and everything will be spiced with delicate details of urban life.

questionable questionnaire

What are you afraid of the most?

Due to my strong belief in a God Almighty, there is nothing I am afraid of.
I just have very temporary worries; at times, I do. One of them being that of becoming too predictable in my photography.

What`s the first thing that comes to mind when you think “holiday” ?

 It’s always been the same: sun.

Perfect meal?

Nothing beats a vegetable Stroganoff with buttered rice and a bottle of a nice, fruity Pinot Grigio.


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  1. Edson says:

    You're the man, Popps!

  2. rutn says:

    Frontward to be able to much more great posts. Cheers a great deal intended for experiencing that splendor document.

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